"For our son, Pierce, it can be difficult to navigate a traditional playground. We learned early on that wheelchairs and mulch don't mix.  Trips to the park often end in tears when he realizes these limitations. It's important for our community to realize that all children, regardless of their ability level, enjoy playing.  It's how they learn, grow and develop. And that is why our family fully supports the idea of an all-inclusive play area in Fort Mill as it would provide a spot, not just for our son, but for our many friends with and without special needs to reach their fullest potential"
-Lindsay Franks

The All Play Together Inclusive Playground project has partnered with Education Equals Hope to receive tax deductible donations. Donations to All Play Together are administered by Education Equals Hope, however 100% of your donation goes to the All Play Together Inclusive Playground Project . Your tax receipt letters will come from Education Equals Hope.

Playground Fundraising Progress
$0 $550,000

"This new playground sounds so awesome with no steps for me to trip and fall on. I can enjoy many sensory activities and listen to the sounds the musical instruments on the playground make. I can finally run around the playground without tripping over the low spots in the mulch like most playgrounds. It's going to be a fun place for all kids and families to enjoy for years to come. Thank you for an opportunity to share a playground with so many kids (and parents) who don't get a chance to play at regular playgrounds." 

-Brinleigh Smith

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